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Jacksonville University Panhellenic Council

2800 University Blvd N | Jacksonville, FL 32211 | (904) 256-7700 | engage@ju.edu | http://www.ju.edu/campuslife/studentactivities/fraternity-sorority-life.php

Welcome to Panhellenic Recruitment! 
We are so excited that you are interested in joining out community. Here at Jacksonville University, we have 4 chapters:
Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Epsilon Phi
Delta Delta Delta
Gamma Phi Beta

All of our chapters are uniquely beautiful, and you will get a chance to learn more about them as you go through the process.
From this website, you can register for to participate in recruitment, in order to join one of our 4 chapters.
Recruitment will be held:
Wednesday, August 26 or Friday, August 28: Information Night(s)
Round 1: Open House Night
 Round 2: Philanthropy Night
Round 3: Preference Night
Bid Day

Once you complete this registration, you will receieve much more information, but if you have any questions, please contact:

Elaine Belenguer
Panhellenic VP Recruitment

Frequently Asked Questions...

What if I’m not the typical sorority type? There is no specific sorority type! You will find a vast array of women in every organization. We all differ in our majors, looks, interests, and place of origin. We want you to bring your uniqueness and individuality to our community. We may all be different, but we all call the same place home!

Are these sororities like in the movies? Not at all! Our primary focus is sisterhood and philanthropy. We strive towards bettering woman through offering leadership roles, workshops, and a network of friends! While we do have the social aspect, we also are a support system.You will find that our Greek life here opens up a world of leadership opportunities.

Is it okay to go through recruitment as a sophomore/junior/senior? Of course! It is encouraged. There is no age limit, and women of every age get initiated every year. However, it is recommended that you go through your freshman year, as that is when it will feel most comfortable. Your pledge class will be your same age, and you will have the maximum time to be involved! 

I plan on playing a college sports team, can I join? Completely! We have many affiliated women in sports. We also accomodate responsibilities such as nursing, ROTC, musical theatre, internships, etc. But, you have to be sure to communicate in advance your conflict to avoid a no-show. And when you can be present at an event, you are expected to be there! 

Will being in a sorority negatively impact my grades? No. Every chapter has an academic chairman who is committed to connecting you to resources and helping you grow. Some sororities offer study sessions, study nights, and even study hours. Every sorority has a minimum GPA requirement that is normally around 2.7. If you fall below, do expect it to be taken seriously.

Is it a huge commitment? You get out what you put in. If you are looking for a meaningful sisterhood, then you should probably make your sorority a priority. Joining a sorority is a commitment. You are expected to be at chapter every week, as well as other events (class and sports are excused). But, that should not feel like a chore! Volunteering to clean the beach, sister yoga classes, sister study sessions, and other events are meant to be fun! 

The affiliated girls don’t seem to be talking to me on campus, what does that mean? I promise none of these girls are trying to be unfriendly! Panhellenic rules mean that affiliated sisters cannot talk to PNMs, this is to ensure there is no “dirty rushing”. I promise every girl can’t wait to talk to you! 

Can I afford Greek Life? There is a monetary commitment with Greek life. Dues are pretty affordable, in comparison to other schools. You can expect dues as an initiated sister to be only a few hundred dollars a semester. This is a relief, as many bigger schools pay a few thousand a semester. However, there are added costs. Choosing to buy T-Shirts can add up fast, so be careful!